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05-04-2020 à 13h26
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La newsletter du moment.
On devait voir le modèle de production au Spezi (25-26 Avril) mais ce salon est pour le moment repoussé au 15-16 Août

March 13, Norway - like many other European countries - were “closed down”. Meaning most people are working from their homes. Schools and kindergartens are closed. Since Podbike is still in the pre-revenue stage, the Corona does not present us with major challenges for now. We continue to stick to our project timeline.

Planned events cancelled
Most of our planned events are cancelled or pos'il te plaitoned by the organizers. Find cancelled events at the bottom of this newsletter. As soon as the Corona situation is under control - we will find or plan new test drive events.

Is Corona causing delays into planned production start?
No! We are staying positive and motivated. Still working towards the same timeline (production start = late this year).

Depending on how long the Corona situation lasts - there might be some delay in getting all the parts we need in time. For now, we are still working and planning for production to start late this year.

Are you still building test bikes?
Yes, we are! But at the moment only one of us is working in the workshop. Due to this, it might take a little longer than planned. The rest of the team is working from home. But supporting our workshop manager remotely and over the phone.

To meet all deadlines - all team members keep in touch and have daily meetings.
Progress test bikes 6 finalized (out of 10 test bikes) are on the road
We have increased stability and very few issues the last weeks.

Finalized is also test bike 7.
We are sending T07 to Germany for third party laboratory testing. Both whole bikes and sub-assemblies will be exposed to severe loads. This is to document that the bike passes specific safety requirements. T07 is first.

Tests are done according to national and international standards. Some requirements are not suitable due to Podbike differs from other bikes. Then alternative test methods are found together with the accredited laboratory. One test is really awful: cycling for hours with the bike loaded to the max on bad ”Belgian“ granite block road. Then there are even more severe tests. It is almost like a torture chamber for bikes. We are anxious, but cross our fingers in hope T07 will survive, just like the spy hero 007!

Test bike 8 is well underway. The child seat prototype for the test bikes was finalized this month.

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05-04-2020 à 13h26

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05-04-2020 à 13h26
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Ripolin, 4958 msg, 50 ans. (FR).
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12 messages.      1 2 - PodBike, le vélo capsule - Lu 1109 fois. [25330]
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